Layout inspector | Saviour for those who recently moved into new companies

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Whenever we switch companies or project we face a common issue which is activity and fragment related to a feature.

If your project architecture is good you can understand easily and work on functionality but suppose if you don’t have much time for reading the complete flow, you need to do a small change like hiding or showing a view, or making dimen changes or maybe 🤓 drawable changes.

So here comes ann easy and short solution.


Android studio has provided a tool to debug your layout at the dynamic time when it is running on the device instead of opening an XML file.

Open the layout inspector :

Step 1: Click on tools and select layout inspector

Step 2: You will see a window like this select your application

Step 3 : Then you will see a view like this.

Here you can see the ids and file name where all those components are available.

On the left, we have a layout tree that shows the hierarchy of view. In the middle is a screenshot of the current visible window. and in the right, there are properties of the selected view.

It helps you in debugging of the layout.

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